Additional Details on Our Mentors & Their Presentations

John Beiter, PhD
Executive Coach & Psychologist

The Happiness Advantage to Success – 5 Easy Steps to Increase Productivity
Dr. John Beiter will teach the 5 easy happiness steps that guarantee you will be more productive and successful. The talk is based on the research by Harvard Professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and media celebrity Shawn Achor [TED Talk and assistant to Dr. Ben-Shahar]. You will come away feeling invigorated and motivated to change!

Beki Fraser, CPC
Focus for Growth LLC

Focus on Confidence
Beki Fraser’s community is telling her that they are 'doing' instead of 'planning'. Why? Well, because they know what to do, but aren't always confident that they know where they 'should' go and whether teams and partners will follow. People trust (and buy) in response to confidence. Let's chat about how energizing your confidence leads to success in achieving your vision and inspiring others to follow!

Richard Kroll Jr.
Senior Consultant & Coach

Personality Plus
Richard Kroll asserts you may be offending fully 3 out of 4 people you interact with on a regular basis…unless you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type and those of others. In this teaching session you will walk away with knowing YOUR “personality type” and its strengths and weaknesses. As well as, how to better interact with people of the other 3 personality types that you will encounter professionally and socially.

Rosh Sillars
The Rosh Group

How to Develop a Social Media Plan
Rosh Sillars shares the professional secrets about how to approach social media for your business and create a successful workable plan you can follow now.

Kevin Young, ACC
Personal Success Programs LLC

How to Easily Attract More Clients
Kevin Young offers easily integrated techniques for leveraging the power of “attraction” so that your perfect clients can find you.

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